Nowadays, food delivery services are steadily developing into a big industry. The companies involved are helping to lessen the big impact in the economy for being in lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic by offering job opportunities. In Bintulu, people take up part-time jobs as food delivery riders due to the high cost of living and less job opportunities. The Malaysian Insider in an article dated December 29, 2013, once listed Bintulu in second place with the highest cost of living in Malaysia after Penang. Due to these factors, many youths, people of low-income groups, graduates of skills centers and school leavers become part-time food delivery riders. Some of them also have two jobs to make ends meet, especially in terms of the rental rate in Bintulu which can reach RM1200 for a single storey terrace house with two rooms. Currently, there are 330 food delivery riders whom are young people of around 18 to 36 years old in Bintulu. They chose to be a food delivery rider because of the minimal requirements being asked for to become one, such as having a valid motorcycle license, having a motorcycle, having a smartphone and taking a typhoid injection as a condition to work in food management apart from the minimal payment of RM150 to become a food delivery rider. In addition, having a flexible time also makes food delivery riders suitable as a part-time job because riders are able to choose their own working hours. For example, Grabfood company riders only need to activate their online status at any time to receive orders.